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Proosdij Cheese From Holland

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Full-flavored, nutty, and slightly sweet Proosdij cheese from Holland. Discover the crunchy, butterscotch, salty-sweet cheese candy that is Kaaslands Kanaal.

For centuries, the canals that wind their way through Holland's lush countryside and historic cities have provided Dutch traders a mean to connect and prosper. In the same manner, Kaaslands Kanaal delivers the same history and tradition while providing a means for people to come together and connect over a cheese that is full-flavored, nutty and slightly sweet. 

Kanaal is crunchy, butterscotch, salty-sweet cheese candy, fresh from Holland. The older Kanaal gets, the more deliciously dense and fudgy it becomes. At a glance or blind bite, one may guess Kanaal is any number of cheese types. In a way this is true as it is a lesser known style called Proosdij.

Proosdij is a semi-firm to firm style of washed-curd cheese made very similarly to Goudas using specific combinations of mixed-strain starter cultures. The cheese develops aroma, flavor, and texture profiles with characteristics of a cross between Gouda and Parmesan cheeses. This also includes the satisfying crunchiness of increasing amounts of tyrosine crystals that form with age along more sweet, fruity, toasted caramel, and bouillon flavors than Gouda cheeses. Proosdijs have lower butterfat in dry matter than the required 48% for official Gouda status. With Kanaal coming very close at 45%, it has the benefits to satisfy while warranting those extra snuck bites. 

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